Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci


Each one of the spaces where you spend your time can make a significant difference to your happiness. Ultimately, interiors are not just spaces for living, but living spaces —Design by Form produces highly detailed, yet comfortable and personalised spaces.

A home should be an escape; it should provide privacy, solitude, and relaxation. Without the possibility of privacy, we become anxious, children are unable to play or do their homework, personal relationships suffer, and we cannot relax or sleep properly.

We will design, plan and execute your project from a total makeover to a simple cosmetic décor undertaking.


We’ve always had a passion in doing hotel rooms. There’s something about staying at a hotel that makes everyone feel relaxed. It is the first sign that you’ve arrived at a welcoming place that understands your needs, even if you’re just spending a short vacation there.

Every balance principle you can think of (symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial) matters in hospitality interior design. Hotel room decoration depends on the style (modern rooms look well with asymmetrical placement) and should refer to the distribution of visual weight in your rooms.

The thing you need to remember is that balancing is not only about center points-it expands to all furniture shapes and decorations.

Making hotel guests feel at home is a relatively new, alternative trend in interior design, but the old, good ‘extra special’ feeling of being in a place better than home still holds the throne. 

I always remembered arriving at a hotel when I was young and wanted to check if they gave us tea and a kettle. There was something special about making tea in your hotel room as odd as it may sound.